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Social Media And The Law

RRP $287.99

Social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, and Flickr allow users to connect with one another and share information with the click of a mouse or a tap on a touchscreen-and have become vital tools for professionals in the news and strategic communication fields. But as rapidly as these services have grown in popularity, their legal ramifications aren't widely understood. To what extent do communicators put themselves at risk for defamation and privacy lawsuits when they use these tools, and what rights do communicators have when other users talk about them on social networks? How can an entity maintain control of intellectual property issues-such as posting copyrighted videos and photographs-consistent with the developing law in this area? How and when can journalists and publicists use these tools to do their jobs without endangering their employers or clients?

In Social Media and the Law, eleven media law scholars address these questions and more, including current issues like copyright, online impersonation, anonymity, cyberbullying, sexting, and WikiLeaks. Students and professional communicators alike need to be aware of laws relating to defamation, privacy, intellectual property, and government regulation-and this guidebook is here to help them navigate the tricky legal terrain of social media.

Immigration And Social Capital In The Age Of Social Media

RRP $233.99

In this new age of social media, the role of online ethnic networks is as important as offline ethnic networks-families, friends, etc.-in helping immigrants adjust to their new country. This is something that has received very little attention in the academic field of international immigration which Oh hopes to rectify through this book. He focuses on the five American social institutions (immigration, welfare, education, housing, and finance) to explore this topic through the lens of married Korean-American women. In their online "MissyUSA" community, the largest Korean-American women's online community in North America, they share a wide range of information about the rules of each of these social institutions as they work together to navigate American society. Oh explores how the "MissyUSA" community creates two distinctive forms of social capital: social resources and social support. For some of its members (inquirers or information seekers), the "MissyUSA" community functions as an important source of their information (social resources) about the rules of the American social institutions. Likewise, it also functions as a network of social supporters (respondents or information providers) for those information seekers. Here, what makes this book a significant one is the fact that these social supporters are distinctively identified as instrumental guiders (information describers, expositors, confirmers, and advisors) and emotional supporters (companions, encouragers, and critics). By researching the lives of Korean-American women who are members of the "MissyUSA" community, Oh's book works to understand how a sub-set of the Korean-American community shares information about American institutions and uses the internet to do so.

Making Our Media

RRP $274.99

This volume of Making Our Media focuses on the praxis of alternative media, including radio, video, film, and Internet initiatives in South and North America, southern Africa, India, Australia, and Europe. Chapter authors consider the relationship between these media and the people they serve, reevaluate established theoretical frameworks, and present new ones for understanding alternative and citizens' media in light of contemporary local and global realities. While some of the authors critically explore the internal operations of citizen's media, including their gender, race and power dynamics, others shed light on how alternative media interact with different political formations, such as the (nation) state and social movements. Grounded in empirical evidence and theoretical insight, the book takes a critical approach to the roles alternative and citizens' media can play in building inclusive, participatory democracies.

Human Rights And Social Policy

RRP $272.99

This fascinating study evaluates whether the recent focus on human rights, citizenship and values makes a difference to service delivery on the ground. In doing so, it bridges the social policy and human rights literature. The book adopts a comparative approach with eight case-studies examining the factors that drive policy making in a range of policy sectors in both EU and non-EU countries. The contributing authors explore the ways in which legally enforceable rights and wider rights discourse influence the services that are provided across a range of policy sectors and welfare regimes. Further issues, such as how patterns of service provision can affect how people view and experience citizenship, are also discussed. Human Rights and Social Policy will strongly appeal to academics and students interested in work and family policies, labour market activation policies, welfare reform, gender, children's policy and housing policy.

Intermediate Probability - A Computational Approach

RRP $329.99

Intermediate Probability is the natural extension of the author's Fundamental Probability. It details several highly important topics, from standard ones such as order statistics, multivariate normal, and convergence concepts, to more advanced ones which are usually not addressed at this mathematical level, or have never previously appeared in textbook form. The author adopts a computational approach throughout, allowing the reader to directly implement the methods, thus greatly enhancing the learning experience and clearly illustrating the applicability, strengths, and weaknesses of the theory. <p> The book: <ul> <li>Places great emphasis on the numeric computation of convolutions of random variables, via numeric integration, inversion theorems, fast Fourier transforms, saddlepoint approximations, and simulation. <li>Provides introductory material to required mathematical topics such as complex numbers, Laplace and Fourier transforms, matrix algebra, confluent hypergeometric functions, digamma functions, and Bessel functions. <li>Presents full derivation and numerous computational methods of the stable Paretian and the singly and doubly non-central distributions. <li>A whole chapter is dedicated to mean-variance mixtures, NIG, GIG, generalized hyperbolic and numerous related distributions. <li>A whole chapter is dedicated to nesting, generalizing, and asymmetric extensions of popular distributions, as have become popular in empirical finance and other applications. <li>Provides all essential programming code in Matlab and R. </ul> <p> The user-friendly style of writing and attention to detail means that self-study is easily possible, making the book ideal for senior undergraduate and graduate students of mathematics, statistics, econometrics, finance, insurance, and computer science, as well as researchers and professional statisticians working in these fields.


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