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Statistical Tools For Nonlinear Regression

RRP $299.99

Statistical Tools for Nonlinear Regression presents methods for analyzing data. It has been expanded to include binomial, multinomial and Poisson non-linear models. The examples are analyzed with the free software nls2 updated to deal with the new models included in the second edition. The nls2 package is implemented in S-PLUS and R. Several additional tools are included in the package for calculating confidence regions for functions of parameters or calibration intervals, using classical methodology or bootstrap.

Thermo-energetic Design Of Machine Tools

RRP $354.99

The approach to the solution within the CRC/TR 96 financed by the German Research Foundation DFG aims at measures that will allow manufacturing accuracy to be maintained under thermally unstable conditions with increased productivity, without an additional demand for energy for tempering. The challenge of research in the CRC/TR 96 derives from the attempt to satisfy the conflicting goals of reducing energy consumption and increasing accuracy and productivity in machining.

In the current research performed in 19 subprojects within the scope of the CRC/TR 96, correction and compensation solutions that influence the thermo-elastic machine tool behaviour efficiently and are oriented along the thermo-elastic functional chain are explored and implemented. As part of this general objective, the following issues must be researched and engineered in an interdisciplinary setting and brought together into useful overall solutions:

1. Providing the modelling fundamentals to calculate the heat fluxes and the resulting thermo-elastic deformations in a comprehensive manner,

2. Mapping of the structural variability as a result of the relative movement inside the machine tool,

3. Providing the tools for an efficient adjustment of parameters that vary greatly in time and space by means of parameter identification methods as a prerequisite for correction and compensation solutions,

4. Engineering and demonstrating solutions to control-integrated correction of thermo-elastic errors by an inverse position setpoint compensation of the error at the TCP,

5. Engineering and demonstrating solutions based on the material properties to compensate for thermo-elastic effects through a homogeneous propagation of the temperature field, as well as reducing and smoothing the distribution of heat dissipated in supporting structures,

6. Developing metrological fundamentals to record the thermo-elastic errors in special structural areas of machine tools,

7. Engineering a methodological approach to simultaneous and complex evaluation of the CRC/TR 96 solutions, referring to their impact on product quality, production rate, energy consumption and machine tool costs

Purple Toolbox

RRP $13.99

"Purple Toolbox" is a unique approach to weight loss. While there are many books on the topic of weight loss, there are few that explain WHY you are overweight and HOW you can change that using a choice of simple tools. Ann Ashton Schilling's "Purple Toolbox" helps you to understand how your Mind, Body and Spirit are involved in weight loss. And, it inspires you to take action using one or more of the weight loss tools presented. Ann teaches readers to: Focus on what you want to create in your life, including a thinner body. Change any aspect of your body that does not serve you. Acknowledge your spiritual side. In just a few minutes a day you can change your life. If you find her approach helpful, you may find her personal attention even more beneficial. As her gift to you for purchasing this book, Ann offers a FREE Coaching Session to help you Celebrate YOU!

Using Google Earth In Libraries

RRP $287.99

Google Earth is a research, mapping, and cultural exploration tool that puts the whole world in your hands, then hands over the tools to let you build your own world. The uses of Google Earth in academia, in libraries, and across disciplines are endless and each year more innovate research projects are being released. Since its launch, Google Earth has had an enormous impact on the way people think, learn, and work with geographic information. With easy access to spatial and cultural information, and with customizable map features and dynamic presentation tools, Google Earth is an attractive option for anyone wishing to host projects and to share research findings through a common online interface. This easy-to-read, practical guide: -Demonstrates how Google Earth has been used as a resource for research -Showcases library path finders, discovery tools, and collections built with Google Earth -Discusses how Google Earth can be embedded into various library services -Highlights effectives uses of Google Earth in specific-discipline education, and provide step-by-step sample classroom activities -Introduces Google Earth features, data, and map making capabilities -Describes Google Earth-related online resources After reading this guide, librarians will be able to easily integrate Google Earth's many facets into their services and help teachers integrate it into their classrooms. Because so many librarians are educators and subject specialists, they can customize the learning outcomes for students based on the subject being studied. This book presents a cross-disciplinary overview of how Google Earth can be used in research, in teaching and learning, and in other library services like promotion, outreach, reference and very importantly collection and resource exploration and discovery. This comprehensive guide to using Google Earth is for pubic, school, academic, and special libraries serving from the elementary level through adult levels. Although articles have been written about specific subjects and specific library projects, this is the first published that offer a one-stop-shop for utilizing this online product for library-related purposes. Librarians reading this book will gain the Google Earth skills required to be able to not only use it themselves, but also teach others in how to use this online technology.

Mathematical Tools For Data Mining

RRP $519.99

Data mining essentially relies on several mathematical disciplines, many of which are presented in this second edition of this book. Topics include partially ordered sets, combinatorics, general topology, metric spaces, linear spaces, graph theory. To motivate the reader a significant number of applications of these mathematical tools are included ranging from association rules, clustering algorithms, classification, data constraints, logical data analysis, etc. The book is intended as a reference for researchers and graduate students. The current edition is a significant expansion of the first edition. We strived to make the book self-contained and only a general knowledge of mathematics is required. More than 700 exercises are included and they form an integral part of the material. Many exercises are in reality supplemental material and their solutions are included.


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