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Tool Steels

RRP $819.99

This authoritative work is a 'must have' reference for engineers involved in tool-steel production, as well as in the selection and use of tool steels in metalworking and other materials manufacturing industries. Contents: Introduction Classification Manufacture Tool Steel Alloy Design Heat Treatment Water-Hardening Tool Steels Shock-Resisting Tool Steels Oil-Hardening, Cold-Work Tool Steels Air-Hardening, Medium-Alloy, Cold-Work Tool Steels High-Carbon, High-Chromium, Cold-Work Tool Steels Low-Alloy, Special Purpose Tool Steels Mold Steels Cr, W, Mo Hot-Work Tool Steels W High-Speed Tool Steels Mo High-Speed Tool Steels Maraging Steels, other Ultrahigh-Strength Steels, and Stainless Steels Surface Modification Trouble Shooting: Production, Performance Problems and Remedies.

Tool And Object

RRP $464.99

Category theory is a general mathematical theory of structures and of structures of structures. It occupied a central position in contemporary mathematics as well as computer science. This book describes the history of category theory whereby illuminating its symbiotic relationship to algebraic topology, homological algebra, algebraic geometry and mathematical logic and elaboratively develops the connections with the epistemological significance.

Logical Tools For Modelling Legal Argument

RRP $24.95

This book is a revised and extended version of my PhD Thesis 'Logical Tools for Modelling Legal Argument', which I defended on 14 January 1993 at the Free University Amsterdam. The first five chapters of the thesis have remained almost completely unchanged but the other chapters have undergone considerable revision and expansion. Most importantly, I have replaced the formal argument-based system of the old Chapters 6, 7 and 8 with a revised and extended system, whieh I have developed during the last three years in collaboration with Giovanni Sartor. Apart from some technical improvements, the main additions to the old system are the enriehment of its language with a nonprovability operator, and the ability to formalise reasoning about preference criteria. Moreover, the new system has a very intuitive dialectieal form, as opposed to the rather unintuitive fixed-point appearance of the old system. Another important revision is the split of the old Chapter 9 into two new chapters. The old Section 9. 1 on related research has been updated and expanded into a whole chapter, while the rest of the old chapter is now in revised form in Chapter 10. This chapter also contains two new contributions, a detailed discussion of Gordon's Pleadings Game, and a general description of a multi-Iayered overall view on the structure of argu- mentation, comprising a logieal, dialectical, procedural and strategie layer. Finally, in the revised conclusion I have paid more attention to the relevance of my investigations for legal philosophy and argumentation theory.

Using Google Earth In Libraries

RRP $287.99

Google Earth is a research, mapping, and cultural exploration tool that puts the whole world in your hands, then hands over the tools to let you build your own world. The uses of Google Earth in academia, in libraries, and across disciplines are endless and each year more innovate research projects are being released. Since its launch, Google Earth has had an enormous impact on the way people think, learn, and work with geographic information. With easy access to spatial and cultural information, and with customizable map features and dynamic presentation tools, Google Earth is an attractive option for anyone wishing to host projects and to share research findings through a common online interface. This easy-to-read, practical guide: -Demonstrates how Google Earth has been used as a resource for research -Showcases library path finders, discovery tools, and collections built with Google Earth -Discusses how Google Earth can be embedded into various library services -Highlights effectives uses of Google Earth in specific-discipline education, and provide step-by-step sample classroom activities -Introduces Google Earth features, data, and map making capabilities -Describes Google Earth-related online resources After reading this guide, librarians will be able to easily integrate Google Earth's many facets into their services and help teachers integrate it into their classrooms. Because so many librarians are educators and subject specialists, they can customize the learning outcomes for students based on the subject being studied. This book presents a cross-disciplinary overview of how Google Earth can be used in research, in teaching and learning, and in other library services like promotion, outreach, reference and very importantly collection and resource exploration and discovery. This comprehensive guide to using Google Earth is for pubic, school, academic, and special libraries serving from the elementary level through adult levels. Although articles have been written about specific subjects and specific library projects, this is the first published that offer a one-stop-shop for utilizing this online product for library-related purposes. Librarians reading this book will gain the Google Earth skills required to be able to not only use it themselves, but also teach others in how to use this online technology.

Dowsing As A Daily Tool

RRP $18.99

This is a short, easy to read instruction manual on dowsing. Dowsing is a simple way to access universal knowledge for answers to questions by using a simple mechanical tool. In a sense, it can be considered intuition on demand. Dowsing is known by different names like divining, witching or many others. It has been used since ancient times to locate water wells, find a variety of things or get answers to questions about almost any topic. The purpose of this short book is to provide a how-to for learning to use this time proven skill. You can read it in a few hours and have a good idea of how to apply dowsing in your life whenever you want. This book contains many basic and advanced techniques. This is for anyone who wants to step beyond conventional thinking and start being more self-empowered. In the words of one of his clients, "Robert Gandrup combines the wisdom and precision of a time honored system with contemporary savvy..."


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