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Faith Like A Ketchup Seed

RRP $18.99

"Faith like a Ketchup Seed"

It's Not the Faith of a Mustard Seed,but It Still Guides Me through Lifeand Tastes Great on Hot Dogs.

From the author of "Holy Laughter!" and "John 3:16 Beautiful Savior":

Essays, blog posts, Bible studies, devotions, short stories, stand-up routines, even a skit and a sci-fi tale.


Sunday school-friendly.

Even pulpit-friendly!

The Table of Contents:

"Proverbs, Parables, & Ponderings"

"A Godly, Christian Way"

"Thank God I'm Not God"

"The Water-Walking Shuffle"

"Divinity Is Hard!"

"The Dissected Body of Christ"

"Second Baptist Church"

"God's Biggest Mistake"

"Too Lazy to Feed the Lions"

"The Mediocre Samaritan"

"What Would Jesus Do?"

"Fast Food Royalty"

"Sometimes I Pray with a British Accent"

"How to Sanctify Unsavory Songs"

"Facebook Fun"

"You're a Christian What?!"

"Breakfast Cereals of the Bible and the People Who Love Them"

"Satan's Cereals"


"Forward Phobia: Evil Emails"

"Who Was the Greatest Comedian in the Bible?"

"The Comedy Concept Behind 'Holy Laughter!'"

"Divine Definitions"

"Hey Dude! Hey!"

"Stalker Almighty"

"Across the Multiverse"

"What If People in the Bible Had Their Own Games?"

"May I Ask You an Intensely Personal Question?"

"Upside-Down Sharks Prove the Existence of God"

"Lessons from the Yard"

Church Skit: "Interview with Jesus"

"For Best Results"

"An Ice Memoir (One Molecule Can Make a Difference)"

"Jojo: 3:16"

"Why Do I Want to Walk on Water?"

"Life's Most Profound Question".


Does being a writer give me a God complex? I saith unto thee no, but I doth wish thou shalt have no other writers before me; and thou shalt not take my name in vain.

Walking on water -- is that so much to ask? Some lakes are so polluted now it's hard not to.

I tried being my own god. But I gotta tell ya': Divinity is hard! I don't know how God does it.

We'll get to Heaven and hear how Christians from other countries were martyred for their faith. And we'll be like "The cable once went out for an entire weekend!"

Sure, it sounds wrong. But the TV preacher told me as long as I tithe I can pretty much do whatever I want.

Can we really fulfill all our minimum daily requirements with just one bowl? If that's the case, let's eat a bowlful and go back to bed. We're done for the day.

I must have the worst friends in the world. They send me evil emails that say, if I don't forward them, to at least five friends within five minutes, my spleen will explode.

Ponder the platypus for a moment or two. And remember, those existed long before nuclear accidents, cigarettes, and cell phone towers.

Contemplating the fact that God sees her every deed, hears her every word, and knows her every thought, Maria threw her notepad on the table. "Either You order the chicken noodle; or heal a leper; or I'm having You thrown out of here!"

Pharaoh dominates when playing "Pyramid". And Moses rules with "The Power of Ten".

Why do we think God will be more likely to answer our prayers favorably the more we furrow our brows?

Lots of laughs for less than a gallon of gas.

Parody, satire, silliness. Some strong theological points. Mostly comedy. The skit gets serious; and so does what my pastor calls the strangest telling of the Gospel ever: "An Ice Memoir (One Molecule Can Make a Difference)".

Learn my theories that prove the existence of God. Wonder why an ice cube can make you cry. Find out why I'm obsessed with wanting to walk on water. Laugh guilt-free.

If you enjoy "Holy Laughter!", you'll love this too. Good, clean fun. And I mean that, in a Godly, Christian way.

Blessings & Joy,

The Dean James Version

P.S. Before you buy this book, check out "Holy Ketchup Seed Comedy Combo" on Kindle.

How To Read Tarot Cards Like A Pro

RRP $13.99

What's your reason for wanting to learn how to read Tarot cards? I know when I first started, I was curious about my own life more than anything else! So I would lay out the cards and ask a question to see if I could get an answer. That was back in 1975 when I bought my first deck and a book. Truthfully, I was having a super hard time because of the long explanations and meanings for each card. What further confused me were the reversed meanings. I still pushed on and kept practicing on myself and a few members of my family and close friends. I had to use the book while reading. Then in 1983 I went to a reader and was fascinated by her interpretations of the cards. They were different from all the meanings I had seen in other books. I attended her exclusive, invitation-only class and learned HER way! I decided to take those lessons and gather them together. The result is this little book that is power packed with fluff, minimal illustrations, and no long-winded explanations. It's a unique blend of esoteric Tarot meanings combined with astrology and numerology. I've included a few "lessons" on astrology in the event you aren't familiar with the zodiac and a simple numerology explanation. You can use these simple meanings to learn what's going on in your own life. As my teacher used to say, the Tarot cards will always give you little just need to know how to interpret them! Just remember that when you lay out the cards, they will tell you what you NEED to know and not necessarily what you WANT to know. Since the first edition, I've added more information to this book, including symbols and colors in the Tarot and five sample layouts with interpretations. (Note: Amazon did not update the number of pages, but there are now 80 pages rather than 55.) I initially wanted to keep the book very basic rather than complicated. However, I realized there were some readers that wanted to become more immersed in the Tarot cards, so I provided more in depth details. Now you will find chapters on colors in the Tarot and symbols in Tarot cards. I personally don't use them in my readings but maybe many of you will want to! I also listened to the readers who were kind enough to write reviews, and it seemed as though some were disappointed because there were no "examples" of layouts in the book. So I took pictures of five layouts and explained them the best I could. Please remember I'm not a professional photographer, so they might look amateurish. That's because they are! Please be aware, the pictures are in black and white in this print edition because color pictures would have tripled the cost. So...if you are confused, frustrated and/or fed up with other Tarot card books that have long explanations and meanings and then reversed meanings as you are attempting to learn how to read your Tarot cards, go ahead and click on the "buy" button. And please let me know what you think of the book with your welcomed review. Katie

Does He Like Me?

RRP $16.99

"I really like him, but I doubt he likes me."

Are you sure? You may not know about the hidden ways he shows he's interested.

Men can't hide their signs of attraction. They may use humor, flirting, and arrogance to mask their feelings. But their subconscious words and actions always give them away. The S.L.A.K. Method will teach you a way to decode the subtle attraction cues of these men.

Does He Want to Be More Than Friends? Click "Buy" Above and Find Out

A NOTE FROM ME: Please ignore my book reviews. This book's low overall "star" rating is due to the dozens of fake reviews being posted by a competing author. These fake reviews always sound truthful and may even be done by reviewers with Real Name badges. Purchase with confidence. If you're unhappy, please get a refund. Thank you. P.P.

Prentice Prefontaine believes that falling in love is a human right and...

Prentice Prefontaine believes that dating can be easier. Personally, Prefontaine had a tough time when he was dating. He was manipulated by a friend and pushed away several good partners. As a result, he wants to help women choose better romantic partners. Prefontaine is the author of several books on relationships including the bestsellers, "How Do You Find A Man?" and "Be The Best Online Bitch." View Prefontaine's Author Page for all of his books.

Donald Trump Can Buy Presidents Seat Others Can't

RRP $5.00


A Life Like Mine

RRP $25.99

After ten years of study and consultation, UNICEF, the premier organization devoted to the care and welfare of the world's children, published the results of the Convention on the Rights of the Child. Using these tenets as a base, A Life Like Mine profiles children from all over the globe leading their lives in different and fascinating ways. The challenges of nations both developed and developing are revealed in the stories and photographs in this special volume. DK and UNICEF have combined their inspirational forces to provide remarkable insight into children's lives.


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