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How To Drink And Not Look Like An Idiot

RRP $29.99

A practical guide to help you differentiate between quality booze and cheap rubbish, helping you to see alcohol as more than just a tool to get you drunk.

Friday night at the bar in town: revellers swig beer, slam shots, and repeat until failure. Happy hour turns into kebab o'clock, then everyone staggers home, job done. We've most of us been there (and had fun doing it), but there comes a time when you want to graduate from downing cheap booze in sticky venues to something a little more sophisticated. And, as the flood of new artisan alcohols and serious bars we're currently enjoying attest, refinement is enjoying a resurgence - which means there has never been a better time to know how to drink and not look like an idiot.

The pursuit of quality over quantity is at the heart of drinking well - and it's easier than you think. The following chapters will provide the tips, tricks, and tools to ensure you know what you're doing whether you're in a high-end restaurant or navigating a cocktail menu at your local bar. So if you want to know how to match wine with your evening meal, why you should sip a single malt rather than slam it, how to prepare for an all-day drinking event, or how to build a home liquor cabinet, then read on.

About the Author

Emily Miles is a freelance journalist specializing in food and drink. She has previously worked for Esquire magazine as food and drink editor, writing articles on everything from the best tequilas on the market to buying exceptional red wines that won't break the bank.

How To Read Tarot Cards Like A Pro

RRP $13.99

What's your reason for wanting to learn how to read Tarot cards? I know when I first started, I was curious about my own life more than anything else! So I would lay out the cards and ask a question to see if I could get an answer. That was back in 1975 when I bought my first deck and a book. Truthfully, I was having a super hard time because of the long explanations and meanings for each card. What further confused me were the reversed meanings. I still pushed on and kept practicing on myself and a few members of my family and close friends. I had to use the book while reading. Then in 1983 I went to a reader and was fascinated by her interpretations of the cards. They were different from all the meanings I had seen in other books. I attended her exclusive, invitation-only class and learned HER way! I decided to take those lessons and gather them together. The result is this little book that is power packed with fluff, minimal illustrations, and no long-winded explanations. It's a unique blend of esoteric Tarot meanings combined with astrology and numerology. I've included a few "lessons" on astrology in the event you aren't familiar with the zodiac and a simple numerology explanation. You can use these simple meanings to learn what's going on in your own life. As my teacher used to say, the Tarot cards will always give you little just need to know how to interpret them! Just remember that when you lay out the cards, they will tell you what you NEED to know and not necessarily what you WANT to know. Since the first edition, I've added more information to this book, including symbols and colors in the Tarot and five sample layouts with interpretations. (Note: Amazon did not update the number of pages, but there are now 80 pages rather than 55.) I initially wanted to keep the book very basic rather than complicated. However, I realized there were some readers that wanted to become more immersed in the Tarot cards, so I provided more in depth details. Now you will find chapters on colors in the Tarot and symbols in Tarot cards. I personally don't use them in my readings but maybe many of you will want to! I also listened to the readers who were kind enough to write reviews, and it seemed as though some were disappointed because there were no "examples" of layouts in the book. So I took pictures of five layouts and explained them the best I could. Please remember I'm not a professional photographer, so they might look amateurish. That's because they are! Please be aware, the pictures are in black and white in this print edition because color pictures would have tripled the cost. So...if you are confused, frustrated and/or fed up with other Tarot card books that have long explanations and meanings and then reversed meanings as you are attempting to learn how to read your Tarot cards, go ahead and click on the "buy" button. And please let me know what you think of the book with your welcomed review. Katie

Like A Boss

RRP $15.99

In this breathless and hilarious followup toWindswept, former labor organiser Padma s worst nightmare comes true: she gets yanked out of early retirement. After buying her favourite rum distillery and settling down, she thought she d heard the last of her arch nemesis, Evanrute Saarien. But Saarien, fresh out of prison for his misdeeds inWindswept, has just fabricatedanew religion, positioning himself as its holy leader. He s telling his congregation to go on strike, to fight the system. And unfortunately, they re listening to him. Now Padma s summoned by the Union president to help stop this strike from happening. The problem is, she s out of practice. And, the more she digs, the more she realises this whole strike business is more complicated than the Union president let on File Under Science Fiction[ Fraud Almighty / City on Fire / Let s Be Reasonable Please / All Outta Bubble Gum ]"

7 Magic Keys To Buying A Home

RRP $18.99

THIS information packed book takes you through all the steps of home buying, with plenty of helpful tips and "what to watch out for" guidelines along the way. Jewel Star was a million dollar producer in the real estate market at a time when the economy was crashing. "Working in the trenches" as her broker called it, was what gave her insight into the need for new buyers to understand the process for successful home buying. Buying real estate is much different than buying a car. It's fraught with difficulties. The more knowledge you have the better your chance of closing the deal. If you have purchased a home before and are looking for a brush up, you are sure to find some tricks and tips you may have not known before. A section has been dedicated to working with a Realtor(r). Just as an accountant or an attorney, a Realtor(r) is a licensed professional. Understanding their roll will be to your advantage. There is nothing more satisfying than owning your own home and this book is the perfect guide for that to happen. COMING SOON is the BUYER'S KEY LIST workbook for using in conjunction with this book. You will be able to purchase it online as well

Like A River

RRP $27.50

Michael Denington pays close attention. In straight forward language, each of these poems is a moment closely observed. As in the title poem, the author "seeks home" with a compassionate and generous heart. --Darnell Arnoult Author, What Travels with Us, and the novel, Sufficient Grace With an invitation to a "walk in the park" the author takes the reader on a journey in which he shares episodes of his life. The book provides lovely glimpses such as that of a woman kneeling in her flower garden while at work on her masterpiece. After enjoying many pauses . . . at a variety of places, we are brought to a stop following the assassination of President John F. Kennedy. "Empty Boots" vividly recalls the shock and grief of that hideous crime. On the whole, this book evokes enthusiastic response. Winifred Hamrick Farrar Poet Laureate of Mississippi. Whether Michael Denington is in a familiar setting drinking "the cool, sweet home flavored water" from a gourd, or backpacking high on a mountain where he sits "in awe of near touchable stars and an apple slice of moon," he is an acute observer, his memorable imagery hooking the reader. Denington's voice is straight forward, from his narrative poem about riding a stick horse as a child, through his very adult description of Memphis marinating "in a cold, damp bowl of discomfort." . . . Most of the poems are autobiographical with sketches of youth and home, travels abroad, war experiences, his wandering "through life's barriers, "to finally, now that he is older, "to drift southward . . . seeking home, to join my forebears in the fertile sediment of our familial delta." Clovita Rice Former editor of Voices International and former director of the Arkansas Writers' Conference Cover photograph, White River at Calico Rock, Arkansas by Terry Thompson,


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